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Tomb of Rooms is a third person survival horror / dungeon crawler for 1-2 players split screen co-op.

Players must ascend a tower full of increasingly difficult, randomly generated levels,
using limited light and limited weapons.

This game has been built with the goal of being a co-operative experience. You can enjoy it single player, but if you have the option to sit down with a friend, we heartily recommend you do so!

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Ingame, press escape or start to bring up the menu, to change options and customise controls.

A second player can join in a game at any time after a game has started.
Press the spacebar to add a keyboard player, or the A button on a
second connected pad.

Potions can be thrown; but be careful! Different colours have different effects.
They can also be placed safely on the ground if you aim at your feet.

If you find a locked gate, you must find the Skeleton key to exit the level.
It will be walking around the level somewhere!

Draw chalk marks on the walls / floors to avoid getting lost!
When you have no items equipped in your right hand, press left trigger to enter first person / drawing mode.

Reload the gun!
It only holds one bullet at a time! Boxes of bullets can be found and the total amount is shared between both players.

Using the Sword:
You must hold the attack button for a short while to 'wind up' the attack. You can hold it for as long as you want. Running and attacking will give you greater reach.

Read the books!
They hold information about enemies and magic chalk spells.


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A warning to anyone playing with mouse and keyboard, do not play this game in windowed as the mouse is not bound to the window and will fly out. Maybe it was just a bug I had but better safe than sorry.

Maybe this game is a lot more fun with co op, but for singleplayer, it feels very cumbersome. Also, it's kind of inconsistent in the way of swaping things out. One time when I tried to put away my torch to conserve it, it swapped to the extra torch I had instead, even when the button prompt said put away and not swap. Also putting away potions didn't work once and I wasn't able to switch to my gun without first throwing it but it had worked just about 5 minutes prior. And getting to that, I shouldn't have to ditch an item to swap to an item I already have, and maybe instead making a swap button, just use the mouse cursor like literally every other game that has ever existed. It would be better than having to use a key for that so you can both scroll up or down to allow more on the fly swapping rather than a single cycle button.

Other than all that, the rooms were very well designed and I enjoyed the little bit I played. Everything looks really good. Gonna try to give it another go soon with co op and hopefully it will be a lot less problems. I hope you enjoy the video!

Update: I did try to play co op, but once we tried to go to the second room, the game just went black screen.

looks good


I filtered oculus and this game popped up.. is it VR?

Yes, but the VR implementation is still very much WIP.

Oh man that would be awesome as the game is split screen? Does that mean one person on say oculus and touch controllers and one person on kbm or controller? That would be legit! Also how is the split screen and such working? Everything running smooth? Thinking about downloading it and giving it a shot with a buddie.. Also my twitch is twitch.tv/j3han - are we allowed to stream the game?